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Objectives and Goals of AIMA AYURVEDA ACADEMY, Traditional Ayurvedic medicine and massage school, number #01 in Italy


It is probably the oldest medical doctrine in the world and official medicine in the Indian sub-continent. Ayurveda is a medicine of great experience, with its natural preparations that range in the therapeutic research of all that is in Creation, its famous body treatments such as massages, fomentation treatments and so-called medicated oil flows appreciated all over the world. In addition, given the particular and sensitive approach to the patient from prevention to diagnosis, from the curative process to the strengthening of the immune system, Ayurveda wins a place of primary importance in the panorama of the so-called complementary medicines. The branch related with the treatments is the same that ensures, if we can say, longevity and serenity. We are talking about Rasayana, which collects all the body practices known and used for aesthetic, therapeutic, purifying and relaxing reasons. 

AIMA AYURVEDA ACADEMY, Traditional Ayurveda Medicine and massage school, is in Milan, Rome, Boulogne and other cities, deals with divulging the ancient science and medical doctrine of Ayurveda and the oriental holistic disciplines, related and not, through seminars, conferences and training courses that allow the human being to integrate in a harmonious way mind- body-spirit, improving the quality of life. The high quality of training in massage and in classic Ayurvedic treatments, allow you to make concrete and satisfying paths from a technical and human point of view, allowing those who have the requisites to seriously evaluate a profession in this field.


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