Dr. Sadbhawna Bhardwaj

Vaidya – Doctor of Ayurvedic Indian tradition and Naturopath National teacher of Ayurveda medicine and Ayurvedic Indian tradition treatments


National teacher of Ayurvedic medicine and of Ayurvedic Indian tradition treatments

Vaidya (doctor from the Ayurvedic tradition), graduated at the University of Delhi, India. She lives and works in Italy for over twenty years. She teaches and disseminates Ayurvedic Medicine through numerous training courses for Ayurvedic massage therapy students and operators of complementary medicine sectors. Traditional Ayurveda technician recognized by CSEN sports promotion body of CONI, for teaching merits and experience.
Dr. Sadbhawna, in Italy is an accredited ASI DBN DOS professor under the Law n.4 / 2013 and co-founder of the AIMA Ayurveda APS academy. In India she was deputy director for C.S.R.A.M. Center for Study and Research on Alternative Medicine, of New Delhi.


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