Dr. Stefano Fiori

Naturopath, tricologist, national professor of Ayurveda medicine and treatments of Indian Ayurvedic tradition.


Dr. Stefano Fiori has a degree and a doctorate in Human Behavior, Health Sciences department specialized in Naturopathy at Newport International University, California-USA. He is the founder of the Free University of Beauty, an institution that deals with naturopathic training in aesthetic and cosmetic techniques. He teaches Holistic Trichology at the Hair Academy and Ayurvedic Medicine at the Academy of Naturopathy Chiron. He has published several technical books (Ayurvedic Massage – Color Therapy, Color Science – Trichology and Holistic Trichiatria). He studied Functional Medicine and Holismology and he is certified SIAF and Opes Benessere of which he is national manager of the ayurveda sector pursuant to law 4/2013. He is also Vice-president of the Italian Movement for the Dissemination of the Clinical Holismological Approach (MIDACO).


Tel. 02/25715109
Cell. 347.1540526