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The AIMA asd Center, with a long training experience in the field of technical operator  of wellness in Ayurveda, has created L.A.B: Ayurvedic Wellness Workshop, open to all. Our best Accredited & Certified Operators at the headquarters of the AIMA center in Milan located in via Teocrito 50, offer personalized treatments and massages all around you, in the style of holistic approach suggested by Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. The L.A.B. project borns with the same passion and tradition with which we have always trained our operators. We are not a massage center or a SPA, we place ourselves as an association in the holistic panorama that spreads and operates in the field of oriental treatments related to the Indian tradition of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is both a philosophy, a discipline of life and a medicine, and has been practiced in India for more than 5,000 years. It deals with all aspects of wellness, the physical, the psychological and the emotional, of what is normal as much as what is abnormal or pathological. According to Ayurveda, health is not only the absence of illness but a state of continual gratification and well-being, a state of physical happiness and joy in the heart. The concept of equilibrium expressed by Ayurveda involves the perfect functioning of the various systems and organs, of the psyche and of the spirit, but also a relationship of happy coexistence with all creatures, with family members, with friends, with work, with climate and culture in which we live, with our ideals, with habits, with the truth … with everything. The guiding principle of Ayurveda is to harmonize the body rhythms with those of nature so as to ensure a condition of good health and prevent the emergence of “imbalances”.

This concept, harmoniously combined with “personalized” body treatments based on individual constitution (dosha – combinations of the 5 elements), leads the individual to regain a state of total well-being, with his body and his own nature. A rigid body, blocked, and a stressed mind in continuous tension prevent to reach a good state of psychophysical wellbeing, hence the need to practice specific manipulations on the body, aimed at restoring balance, harmony and relaxation. During Ayurvedic massage use precious oils, medicated oils and essential oils of 100% natural origin that promote the assimilation of the nutrients and energy contained in them. High quality products and specific manual skills allow the body’s tissues to release accumulated stresses and toxins, and begin a spontaneous regeneration process.


The great peculiarity of the Ayurveda Traditional Massage is that the duration in terms of time, and the products used during the treatments can vary according to personal needs and physical constitution.


All the Ayurveda tradition of our school enclosed in a massage treatment lasting at least 60 minutes.

Total base massage with warm oil: body, face and head obtained from the experience of Indian Ayurveda doctors.
Snehana is the oldest Ayurvedic body massage. Literally it means to grease, caress and communicate with another being. This massage allows to expel the toxins and the negative elements that obstruct the correct functioning of the body and the mind; it lubricates all the tissues and cleans all the channels of the body through which energy and nutrients flow. The flow of vitality that is released thanks to careful manual skills and acupressure, combined with the flow of oily and nutritious substances, helps the body, mind and spirit to regain the state of balance and well-being.


Choice dictated by individual physical constitution, personalized massage lasting about 60 minutes. A fundamental aspect of ayurveda treatment is that each individual is a unique unit in nature and different from others with a “SPECIFIC” individual constitution. Knowing the individual psycho-physical constitution allows us to understand and appreciate these differences and find out which diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc., are the most suitable for each person. The multiple functions of the body, from the roughest to the most subtle, are governed by three fundamental principles called DOSHA: Dosha Vata, Dosha Pitta and Dosha Kapha. Vata represents the principle of movement and activation. It controls all the functions of the nervous system and presides over the functions of the respiratory and circulatory system, of the apparatus of locomotion and of the organs of movement. Relaxing massage with warm and medicated oils, slow, deep and enveloping. Heating action that aims to dissolve muscular tension, improve blood circulation and rebalance the subtle energies of the body, promoting deep relaxation. (Predominant element in excess body: air – ether). Pitta represents the principle of digestion and metabolism, transformation and production of energy and heat. Control the digestive and metabolic functions through the mechanism of hormonal regulation. Refreshing and detoxifying massage with warm and medicated oils – delicate and fresh. Total body treatment to balance digestive disorders, irritations and migraines. Calm your mind by encouraging deep relaxation. (Predominant element in excess body: fire). Kapha represents the principle of cohesion and structure. Preserves the integrity of the tissues and the organism in its entirety through the control of immune functions. It governs the balance of fluids at the cellular and tissue level, promotes balanced growth of the body. Reducing / stimulating massage (decisive and rhythmic) with warm and medicated oils. Applying lymphatic drainage techniques and energetic beatings, a body massage is performed to remove stasis of liquids, excess fat and general bloating. (Predominant element in the excess body: earth – water).


Duration about 60 minutes. Manual Lymphatic drainage massage only body (do not manipulate the face, neck and head), stimulates and promotes a good lymphatic flow. Neer means “fluid”, which flows into Srota or the lymphatic canals. Neerabyangam is a delicate treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system and eliminates the excess of toxic fluid that is found in every part of the body, excluding the nervous system. The retained and stagnant liquids must be brought to the lymph nodes and discharged through the appropriate system. The lymph nodes are points of purification of the lymph, waste substance that can infiltrate into the adipose tissue, break it, thus provoking the imperfections of cellulite. The lymph nodes also produce lymphocytes thus strengthening the immune system. The treatment is suitable for all people who tend to retain waste substances, overweight, but also after an illness, for those who take many medicines, for those who do a sedentary job, pregnant women and after childbirth. By alternating it with toning treatments (Kaphabyangam) and dry massage (Udgharshana), an excellent and very effective path is created to reduce cellulite blemishes, harden, tone, eliminate excess fluid stagnation, improve circulation and elasticity of the skin.

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