Intensive Training for Ayurvedic massage


From 03 to 07 July 2018 in Milan at the headquarters of AIMA Ayurveda, a full theoretical and practical immersion

Dedicated to those who have little available time, this course is aimed at those who feel in themselves the predisposition and the willingness to learn Ayurvedic massage, but also to those who want to deepen this ancient discipline and philosophy seriously.

The course is open to who wish to help themselves and others. For those who already have massage experiences, it is an excellent opportunity to expand and improve their knowledge and skills in practice. Six days of study and practice of ayurvedic massage in complete relax, away from the stress of the city, to learn this ancient art of Indian massage, immersed in the nature of Valcamonica.

The Ayurvedic massage course consists of 40 hours of study and practice of massage, with daily yoga and meditation lessons, healthy eating (preferably vegetarian) with varied menus prepared by the hotel staff. An excellent idea to spend a study holiday together with a consolidated group and to share your experience with other people. The hotel accomodation is in double or single and full board, with private bathroom.


Residential Ayurvedic massage course program: Yoga-Meditation lesson in the morning (optional)

Day 1 from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm

  • Course presentation and staff
  • Introduction to the course and to Ayurveda as philosophy of life.
  • The panchmahabhuta: the 5 elements that make up the universe.
  • Exercises, insights and questions.
  • The functioning of DOSHA.
  • The three physical constitutions: VATA, PITTA, KAPHA.
  • Evaluation of skin types.
  • Main techniques of manipulation of the Snehana massage
  • Excercises, insights and questions

Day 2 from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm

  • Application of the main techniques of Snehana Padabhyangam manipulation massage, the massage of feet and lower limbs: dissolution and drainage.
  • Massage exercises, insights and questions.

Day 3 from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm

  • Vakshabhyangam, massage of the central part of the body, internal organs of the abdomen, chest, arms and hands
  • Mukhabyangam, massage of the face and discharges through the head. Exercises, insights and questions.

Day 4 from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm

  • Prone position: massage of thighs and gluteus. Thandabhyangam, back massage. Theoretical and practical Snehana method: review of the techniques learned to prepare for the full-body method.

  • Insights and questions.

Day 5 from 10.30 am to 5,00 pm

  • Full-body method. Indications on the final discharge points of the residual negative energy. Practical advices for the organization of the therapist (the room, the attitude, the approach with the person receiving the massage).

The cost of the intensive ayurvedic massage course in Milan is € 500.00, possibility of free overnight on the location for those coming from far away.

Integrative program for residential and intensive courses

Integrative program for residential and intensive courses, for the completion of the first academic year and access to the biennial circuit for ayurveda operator diploma.

Sure to do something pleasant, in the following program AIMA Ayurveda organizes supplementary courses for those who want to make a transition from the basic and intensive residential snehana courses organized by AIMA, to the professional course to acquire the certificate of certified ayurvedic operator.
The supplementary program, which is described below, is composed of 4 dates in which the student practices with teachers of the biennial circuit, for the integration and completion of the first year, at our Milan office in via TEOCRITO 50, cross street of Viale Monza and 300 mt. MM1 Gorla.

Theoric program of 4 following meetings
  • Use of medical oils in Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic therapy
  • Ethical and deontological code of the ayurveda operator
    Physical and psycho-attitudinal recognition according to dosha in the person (in-depth study)
  • Ahara: the 3 qualities of food evaluation: virya, vipaka and prabhava menus and tips for food and nutrition association in Ayurveda
  • Agni: anatomy of the digestive system in Ayurveda and concept of digestive power
  • Ama: toxins resulting from imperfect metabolism and how to eliminate them
Practice program of 4 following meetings
  • Study of constitutional massages: the Doshabhyangam
  • Demo and practice of vatabhyangam, pittabhyangam, kaphabhyangam
  • Practical Assessment of pressure 
  • Daily routine: Dincharya and Ritucharya
  • Ayurveda begins with the self: Atmabhyangam, the art of self-massage maintenance

For any info on the intensive ayurvedic massage course please contact or call the person in charge of training at 3471540526

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